Female fantasy artist for hire
Digital artist drawing dragons, unicorns, furries, and more

Fine Art – Dragons, Furries, and Other Fantastic Beasts!


Fine art and commissions:

  • Dragons
  • Furries
  • Fantastic Creatures
  • Gods and Goddesses from ancient mythologies
  • A highly-detailed, but still Pop-Surreal style (like Anime, if you will)

There are tons of artists out there painting these subjects in that style, but very few take their work seriously enough to define it as “fine art”. The fantasy genre and fans deserve higher-end options than posters and 8″x11″ regular-paper prints, and unfortunately, Google doesn’t help us turn up much.

If you are a fan of any of the above, or High Fantasy or Dark Fantasy in general, and want more than shiny posters that are difficult to unroll and tear easily, that’s where I come in!


I’m Erin Walker, an artist painting dragons for Fine Art!


I went to school for art and illustration, particularly game-development arts like concept art, character design, and animation. Therefore, my work is stylized, character-driven, and they tell their own stories visually.

Like I mentioned above, my style is primarily what is called “pop-surrealism”, but I can point to the higher-detail anime, cartoon, and comic artwork as better illustrations of what I do.

All of my prints are of quality somerset velvet, with more inkjet and canvas options to choose from. And, most importantly, there’s a dragon on that somerset velvet!

I’m a fantasy fan just like you, and I aim to fulfill the desire to have a room or wall dedicated to the fantastic! (I definitely want a “dragon lair” room where all my gaming equipment will be 😉 )


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