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Endless Speed Painting!

Unfortunately, I'm not so sure that I've actually gotten better at it! Haha ha...ha? Oh well. In order by chapter, here's what I've worked on in the past couple of months:Lots, lots more to show now that the writing is done! Shooting for one chapter full of finished...

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Echo The Game – BG Speed Painting

Today's blog post is brough to you by the "Echo" development blog (also run by me, of course): As stated before, I've begun teaching myself speed painting techniques so I can push out my own, fully hand-painted backgrounds for "Echo"! In a lot of ways, they really do...

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YAY! The Blog is On My Website!!

My second art blog!! What happened to the first? ...Never mind that. It took FOREVER to get Worpress to put a blog on this website - I don't even really know why - but here it finally is! Let the rambling begin! (I'll try to keep text short, and focus on the...

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