Echo The Game – BG Speed Painting

Jan 28, 2017 | Echo Develpment Blog | 0 comments

Today’s blog post is brough to you by the “Echo” development blog (also run by me, of course):

As stated before, I’ve begun teaching myself speed painting techniques so I can push out my own, fully hand-painted backgrounds for “Echo”!

In a lot of ways, they really do look a TON better than Photoshop’s filter. I mean, that was pretty well a given. But, my lack of experience drawing backgrounds and landscapes is also apparent. Another given, perhaps.

So, I haven’t even finished a third of the first chapter’s (Yellowstone National Park) backgrounds. These are just the lead-in shots for the first scene, before the characters are even introduced.

A lot done, a lot learned, but even more still to go!


P.S. I’ve finished my freelance work for another game, and can now devote more time to my website, drawings, and, of course, “Echo”! Yay!!

Thanks for reading, guys! Again, if you’d like to see more of “Echo”, click here!

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