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A Dying World is an old pencil drawing I did in school. It was a big moment for me, because the school wanted to display it in the on-site gallery. It’s not much, but at that time it was my biggest achievement as an artist yet. I got to looking at it, and decided it could tell a better story…

Now, the cause for the destruction is clearly the dragon, and there is only one now. He’s also been turned into a liche.

Here’s the narrative:

“These lands were once the grounds of a great war between Man and Undead. The Great Mages of the past locked the fiend away in a binding spell, and a monument – a tower – was erected as a reminder, depicting the stories of the long-ago war.

O foolish adventurer, who stole into the tower, you thought yourself brave enough to clash sword with talon… The Great Mages are but dust in the wind. There are none to oppose his renewed threat. And so these lands are returned to waste.”

Or something like that! I should have written it down, but that little… thing – not even a short – does the point of the tale well enough justice.

Hang him on your wall!

11″ x 16″ Prints Available


Inkjet Print on Somerset Velvet, with added 2 inch border for framing.

Frame not included, but HIGHLY recomended for the longevity of the print. 🙂

Prints need at least 3 business days to process before they ship.


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