Vista of Fall

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I was really in the mood for a perspective piece – one that focuses on scenery, backgrounds, and the effects of the atmosphere and distance – and it was the middle of October. First, I made a colored pencil version at work, and then I decided to give it a good digitization!

So, we have an eagle dragon flying over a field of orange and yellow trees, dying grass, and very blue mountains. And the branch frame… I’m in love with antlers and branches, so sometimes I just feel the need to use them. And sometimes they look like a really, really good framing device.

What is a metallic print? It’s a shinier kind of print – hence the name – that really makes the color POP!

Hang her on your wall!

12″ x 12″ Prints Available

There would normally be a picture here… but there is no border! This will be laminated on an easily-hung plak mount!


10″ x 10″ Metallic Print

Classic Plak Mounting and Lamination included! See here!

Prints need at least 3 business days to process before they ship.


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