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Nightmare is a character born of anxiety, depression, oddity, and uncomfortable contortion. If you suffer from severe anxiety – general or otherwise – and major depression like I do, then you can probably see from whence Nightmare was conceived. Instead of going for complete fear or horror, I decided to make her grin… She looks uncomfortable in every way, and she’s stuck in a wide smile with a wide-looking stare because of her eye sockets. To me, an unwavering grin caused by mere bone structure is much more intense than a skeleton / zombie that looks like it’s frowning. It’s like she’s causing your anxiety, and she’s finding great joy in it.

She was originally born of those things, but I’ve also been carrying around a vision for a mural on my car… hand-painted (…markered?) of course! So, even though I was going through these incredibly vivid and horrible emotions while drawing her, I had her face in mind for my car. So when I went to choose her colors, I based them on the car’s interior lighting, which is a ghostly green. Or, I think it’s ghostly.

The car’s name is Wraith, so I felt it all fit rather nicely together.

Hang her on your wall!

12″ x 12″ Prints Available


Inkjet Print on Somerset Velvet, with added 2 inch border for framing.

Classic Plak Mounting and Lamination included! See here!

Prints need at least 3 business days to process before they ship.


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